The Del Mar Consulting Group, Inc.

About Us


The Del Mar Consulting Group, Inc. ("DCG") is renowned within the investment community as a leader in assisting and advising micro-cap and small-cap public companies. DCG was founded in 1999 and is owned by Robert Prag, a seasoned professional who possesses a unique blend of talent and expertise from the capital markets, corporate finance, and corporate communications. DCG is dedicated to providing the highest level of "proactive" service to its clients and investment professionals alike. 

Our compensation packages are almost always totally comprised of restricted equity, which puts our mindset and goals in lockstep with our client companies' Board, management and typical shareholder - to increase and maximize shareholder value through building a fundamentally strong enterprise while maintaining a liquid market for its shares.

We believe that the breadth of our services and skill sets, coupled with proven, real-world experience, makes DCG both unique and superior to any other firm of its kind. We work side-by-side with the executive management teams of our clients, counseling them on public company decorum, interacting with analysts and institutional investors, selecting investment bankers, exchange listing initiatives, strategic planning, business alliances, and merger & acquisitions initiatives. In short, we take an active roll in assisting our client companies in advancing their fundamental business prospects. 

DCG has a thorough and complete understanding of the capital markets and various structures involving capital formation.  Since opening its doors in 1999, DCG client and constituent companies have completed debt and equity capital raises totaling well over $350 million.