The Del Mar Consulting Group, Inc.



Investor Relations 

DCG works closely with its publicly traded client companies in the creation, implementation and ongoing development of corporate communications programs that build and sustain investor sponsorship. DCG provides a public company with a viable, turnkey solution to confidently outsource virtually 100% of its investor relations and corporate communications component. 

Corporate Finance / Strategic Alliance / Mergers and Acquisitions 

At DCG, we understand that in order to compete in this very competitive worldwide marketplace, small companies must constantly align themselves with value-added partners to achieve corporate goals and maximize corporate potential. Client companies will gain the benefit of our vast and diverse "rolodex" of investment bankers, officer and director candidates, corporate consultants and strategists, CEO's of other public companies, law firms and auditing firms. Since opening its doors in 1999, DCG client and constituent companies have successfully completed debt and equity capital raises of more than $350 million. 

Strategic Management Planning

DCG can assist its client companies in their development of business and planning strategies. We are recognized for providing unique and sometimes unconventional strategies that help our clients create and maximize shareholder value. DCG provides "sanity analysis" to test whether business plans and strategies have a sound foundation with assumptions that are realistic and achievable. We work closely with management teams helping them understand and navigate the public capital markets, acquire and maintain exchange listings, present various strategic business options, and make introductions to potential business alliances and merger & acquisitions candidates.